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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  March 3, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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what would he do something like that? >> a teenaged father accused of beating his child. the injuries that left the baby in critical condition. and used the n word in reference to myself. >> a local college instructor fired for using a racial slur. why he says tonight he should get his job back. cloudy with showers today but the weekend is looking better. how warm it will get in my weekend storm cast. how the "american idol" judges feel about the male contestants' talent. hello, i'm jeff barnd.
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>> and i'm jennifer gilbert. a baltimore man is behind bars accused of beating his infant son so badly the baby suffered a fractured skull. melinda roeder joins us with more on our top story tonight. >> reporter: the two month old baby boy is in critical condition tonight and the father is is now charged with assault, child abuse and resisting arrest. it all happened monday night at a home in cherry hill. 19-year-old daryl taylor and his girlfriend were visiting the neighbor with their baby when suddenly a fight broke out. police say taylor started hitting his girlfriend who was holding the baby, and in the process the infant's skull was fractured. even after the mother got away, investigators say taylor remained violent. >> after the assault occurred, she was able to make her way to the bathroom at which time she had her cell phone and she called 911. however, he was able to break into the bathroom. he got the cell phone from her and he proceeded to destroy it by stomping on it.
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>> it's a shame. it don't make no sense. it's not right. >> reporter: taylor's girlfriend suffered only minor injuries including a cut on her face. when police arrived they say taylor had gone next door and that's where they arrested him. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 5:30. the body of a man wearing a ski mask is discovered on school grounds in east baltimore. it happened around 8 this morning at bernard harris elementary school. police say the body was alying near a basketball court and a gun was found nearby. a single word cost a university instructor his job. miranda is live with more on the firing. >> reporter: former towson university professor now admits he put his foot in his mouth when he used the n word during class. this happened more than a week ago during an art class he was teaching here at the university. he says he was discussing the subject of identity and body in
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a textbook which he described as politically incorrect when he then referred to himself as an n word on a corporate plantation. a student in the classroom was reportedly offended, reported him to the university which then fired him. he says he now regrets using the word but doesn't necessarily believe he deserved to lose his job. >> yes, the word is wrong. but when does the fear and the paranoia start to turn this into a witch hunt? you know, i was more than willing to apologize. it becomes a question of, you know, is it worth destroying somebody's career? >> reporter: he taught here at towson university for 12 years. coming up tonight at 10 we'll have reaction from the university and from students including the head of the black student union whose reaction may actually surprise you.
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we're live here outside towson university, myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you. some changes are being put in place to make sure there won't be another inmate mistakenly released without having a fingerprint scan to verify who they are. raymond taylor walked out of the prison downtown last thursday after swapping id cards with his cell mate. he was later picked up in west virginia. >> i was amazed at how quick it is, how accurate it is and it's going to enhance our ability to do releases. >> the new at this point scanners cost $1500 apiece. hundreds of students learned today their school will be closing for good. karen parks live at cardinal gibbons high school, one of the schools being shut down. a very tough day for the catholic school system around baltimore, karen. >> reporter: that's right, jeff, and parents here have been waiting all across baltimore to find out whether or not their
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catholic schools would be closing. unfortunately here at cardinal gibbons where there are nearly 400 students, the news was not good. this morning during a closed-door meeting, principals of the archdiocese, 54 schools learned their school is safe and plans to reorganize the system' yearly 23,000 students. for years the roman archdiocese of baltimore have faced rising costs and declining enrollment. we spoke with someone who learned his school will be closing at the end of the year. >> one, i was kind of shocked and surprised, but on the other hand, i kind of expected something like this to happen. i thought they would merge together, you know. that's what i thought. i never thought they would close this historic landmark like this. >> reporter: a formal announcement of which schools will be closing will be announced tomorrow. live here at cardinal gibbons, karen parks, fox 45 news at
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5:30. president obama lays out his plan to move forward on health care reform. the president says the overhaul would insure about 30 million people who don't have coverage now. and the president says his plan would prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to sick people. republicans call the president's plan a disaster. >> and if they truly believe that less regulation would lead to higher quality, more affordable health insurance, then they should vote against the proposal i put forward. >> the cost of p president obama's overhaul will be close to $1 trillion over ten years. the president's plan includes more than $100 billion in new taxes on the health industry. medical device manufacturers, drug companies and health insurance firms would all pay a combined $110 billion in new fees, but companies certainly are not likely to cut into their profits to pay more taxes. >> you don't tax companies.
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you tax the people who buy if those companies. if you're going to implement large fees and taxes on corporations and industries, you're going to see it passed on to the consumers of those industries. >> the president says with 31 million more americans covered under his health insurance plan, the companies would be making more money and more able to afford a tax increase. here's our question of the day, is there enough compromise in the president's health care package? you can sound off through facebook, send us at tweet at fox baltimore or text your answer. and your response may air tonight on fox 45 news at 10. how are the roads looking tonight? lauren cooke has our traffic edge report. lauren? >> we are dealing with several accidents tonight and very low speeds on many of our main lines. we're looking at 26 miles per hour on the west side of the belt way, 50 traveling through white marsh and only 20 miles per hour on 95 moving through the fort mchenry tunnel.
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we do have an accident in the area at south new kirk street. it's going to be packed along the northbound lanes from gilford avenue all the way up to falls road. we also have trouble in west baltimore. we have a crash on windsor mill road and we're dealing with congestion on the west side of the belt way as we take a live look here at wilkins avenue, you'll see the inner loop lanes starting to jam up. that's a look at your evening travel, jeff and general never let's send it back to you. businessmen and women get sent to jail today all for a good cause. the muscular dystrophy annual lockup fundraiser. people get arrested, get their mug shots taken and then they can't leave their jail until they are bailed out. that money goes directly to the mda. we had more wet weather
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today but a sunnier forecast is in our forecast. >> and we can't wait. meteorologist vytas reid joins us in just a few minutes with a skywatch detail. kuhn tact' departure. adios. >> you heard it right. a child giving pilots instructions from an air traffic control tower. what happened after these tapes surfaced. >> reporter: and i'm john rydell, the battle over same sex marriage heats up in annapolis. i'll tell you what's at stake coming up.
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same sex marriage is now legal in the nation's capital. couples lined up at 6 a.m. today to get their marriage licenses. they will have to wait until march 9th to tie the knot because of a mandatory waiting period. d.c. is now the sixth state with the measure. meantime in annapolis maryland lawmakers are also tackling the issue of same sex
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marriage. john rydell joining us with the latest on this story. >> reporter: there are two key bills now being debated, one would legalize same sex marriage, the others would ban it performed in states where it's illegal. this has taken center stage in wake of last week's opinion. he ruled same sex couples that got married in other states are entitled to the same benefits in maryland as heterosexual companies. testimony was heard today on several bills and there's heightened interest in light of the new law in d.c. that will allow gay couples to get married. >> we're really happy about what's happening in the district today. we wish it was in maryland. we wish maryland couples would be able to be treated equally under the law. >> god said he created man and woman and he created them, male and female and he instituted marriage. >> reporter: because this issue is so pollerizing in annapolis,
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some lawmakers say they doubt bills will be enacted this year. john rydell, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you, john. cold and gray today but we have a great weekend to look forward to. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with the skywatch forecast. >> a few sprinkles coming down out there right now. it's on the back edge of that storm that pushed through and it's going to continue to move off to the northeast which is good news. on hd radar you can see a scan of the skies here and there are a few showers over baltimore an d.c. and on the eastern shore. very light and skat reasonable doubt in nature but as i put this in motion you can see how it's moving in from the north as we continue to see that counterclockwise spin of that area of low pressure that's moving through the the region. what we're going to see happen is is that low will track off to the east. we still have the northeasterly wind. that's going to continue to move off to the east, taking the shower activity with it.
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by late tonight showers will end and we'll get breakthrough clouds tomorrow and our weekend and warming trend start to occur. winds out of the northwest and north east coming from the north at anywhere from 9 to 15 miles an hour across parts of the state. it's a little bit breezy out there temperature wise. sitting at 54 degrees in baltimore, 41 in d.c., 37 in salisbury, 40 in dover. it's going to cool off just a couple of degrees tonight. showers will come to an end, and it looks like we'll see those winds out of the north at 10 to 15. clouds will break, and by tomorrow we'll start to see some hints of sunshine. then the warming trend starts to move in for the weekend. i'll have a closer look at that and my seven-day forecast in just a bit. getting enough sleep could be key to keeping your weight in check. doctors looked at the sleeping habits of adults under the age of 40 and they found sleeping less than five hours a night or sleeping more than eight hours a night can actually pack on the pounds over time putting patients at risk for heart
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disease and/or diabetes. a mom is doing great after delivering a record-breaking set of quadruplets in arizona. doctors at banner good samaritan hospital in phoenix delivered the four babies on monday. their combined weight totaled 20 pounds, 7 ounces. that is a record for the largest set of quads ever born in the u.s. >> these babies seem little to me, but they sure did take up a whole lot of room. i'm feeling kind of empty these days. >> mom jennifer carried the three boys and one girl for 34 weeks. the guys take to the stage on idol. how the judges felt about the performances from the top ten men. >> it exceeded my expectations. and the competition that
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with a 3 year agreement, you'll get a best-in-class package: high speed internet with up to 7 meg speeds, unlimited nationwide calling, 25 gigs of online storage plus our internet security suite and free wi-fi access from thousands of hot spots nationwide. all backed by the reliability of the verizon network. it's a total business solution that you can't get from cable. call 877-network today and see how verizon call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. offers so much more for less. an air traffic controller at jfk airport let's his son give directions to pilots from the control tower. >> clear for takeoff. >> clear for takeoff. >> reporter: on the recordings the child appears to be repeating simple instructions given by his father. but the f.a.a. didn't think it was too funny. the controller and supervisor are now on administrative leave
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and could be canned pending an f.a.a. investigation. an unexpected and unscheduled change on "american idol" last night. the girls were originally set to take the stage but one of the contestants, crystal, was rushed to the hospital. >> so that meant the guys got to sing a day early. were they ready? ♪ >> lee sang less than an angel by hinder. all the judges agreed he is ready to be a star. >> i thought it was a big improvement from last week. i did. >> thank you so much. >> vocally, i said this before, you are head and shoulders above everyone else in your side of the competition right now. >> the girls do take to the stage tonight at 8 and the results will be revealed tomorrow night also at 8. it's all right here on fox 45.
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a philadelphia teenager is pinching himself all the way to the bank after a contest to design shoes. he's the winner of future sole competition. he flew to denver to meet anthony for the first time. >> shake his hand, talk to him and them talk about the design you made for him, especially for him which is really special. >> it exceeded my expectations. i think austin did a great job. >> he's now in the money. his winning design is a shoe modeled after a luxury italian automobile, the lamb bra -- lamborghini. >> fans say good-bye to flee -- three term seniors. we have details next in sports. fios tv, internet and phone.
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